■Unkai (A sea of clouds)


 If you go to the high level of the mountain, you can enjoy  a fine view of Unkai(a sea of clouds) in the late autumn when it gets very cold at night.

■Gounokawa River


 Gounokawa River ,which has the total length of 194km, is the most grand river in Chugoku area. Misato town has beendeveloped by water transportation since ancient times.

 As Gounokawa River is deeply connected with our daily life, such as fishing ayus(the sweet smelts), it is  very essential to us.



 Hamahara-dam is a man-made lake which has 12 sluice gates. This dam was built in 1953 by damming up Gounokawa River to generate electricity. We can enjoy fishing carps and eels in the dam. We can also enjoy distant view of Mt.Sanbe from the dam.

■The cherry tree of Myoyoji Temple

 cherry tree of Myoyoji Temple

 There is a cherry tree which is said to be over 480 years old at Myoyoji Temple.

  This tree ,which is 21m wide and 30m tall is designated as the important cultural property of Shimane Prefecture. We are fascinated by the beautiful blossoms when it blooms around April 10th.

■Yugakai Onsen(Yugakai hot spring)

Yugakai Onsen

 Japanese poet,Mokichi Saito introduced Yugakai as the place of Kakinomotohitomaro’s death.

 Yugakai street reminds you of the very old days in which Kakinomotohitomaro composed wakas(Japanese poems).

 The color of the spring water is reddish-brown because it contains much iron ,which have a good effect on neuralgia,cuts and dermatitis.

■Kagura(Iwami Kagura play)


 Iwami Kagura is a kind of traditional entertainment which has been conveyed since ancient times in Iwami(the western Shimane). Kagura is a form of music and dance dedicated to Shinto gods. It has been performed to ask for a good harvest and abundant catches of fish.
 Kagura has more than 30 repertories and is originated from the mythology of Japan.
 You will be fascinated if you watch Kagura in which players wear colorful embroidered costumes and expressive masks and dance to the drums and Japanese flute.

■Canoe-no-Sato Ohchi(The amusement institution)


 You can learn how to canoe at Canoe-no-Sato Ohchi,where they have the training courses according to the level of the participants ,from the beginner to the advanced. There is a museum, an atelier, and a campsite in Canoe-no-Sato Ohchi.
 In the museum, they exhibit the unique canoes of all over the world. In the atelier, you can make an original canoe.  And in the campsite, you can enjoy outdoor life.

■Golden Utopia Ohchi

Golden Utopia

 Golden Utopia Ohchi is a institution where you can promote your health, feel satisfaction and establish friendly relations with others.

 Anybody can enjoy many activities regardless of their age, because Golden Utopia Ohchi equips a tennis court, a gate-ball court, a heated pool and a hot spring.

■Green Road 375

Green Road

 Green Road 375 is located next to the road station “ Green Road 375” located along the national road, Route 375.

 They sell the unique products of Misato town.

 You can enjoy the nice view of Gounokawa River at Green Road 375. If you drive along the Route 375, it is convenient for you to drop in Green Road 375.

■Misato Town Office

Misato-Town Office

 Misato Town Office is located in the center of the town where the main institutions, such as JR-Kasubuchi station, thefire station, and schools are located. The four-storied town office is a base for the administration.